Clerk resumes in-person services at the Justice Center with increased safety measures. Our Recording Office is providing services remotely. Click here to learn more.  Please note masks are required in our buildings.

Virtual Marriage Ceremonies

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  1. Marriage License MUST have been issued in Lee County.
  2. Both parties must be present in the state of Florida during the marriage ceremony. You will have to sign an affidavit swearing to this information during the call.
  3. Must have WebEx Meeting application downloaded to PC or phone prior to video call
  4. Each spouse must have their own separate email address
  5. Both spouses will be required to have access to their email accounts on whichever device is being used for the Webex video call
  6. After receiving the scheduled Webex invitation email, both spouses must accept the invitation


  1. Schedule your marriage ceremony appointment with the clerk’s office. You will be asked to provide:
    • Both names of the couple getting married
    • Both email addresses
    • Both telephone numbers
    • A mailing address where the couple will reside after being married for the certified copy of marriage license to be mailed
    • Marriage License Transaction number from the Lee County issued marriage license
  2. At the start of the video call, couple will each present their identification to the clerk
  3. A credit card payment for the ceremony fee of $30 will be processed on the video call before starting the ceremony
  4. The clerk will acquire signatures on the sworn affidavit sent through DocuSign to each spouse's email
  5. After the ceremony the clerk will email the receipt of payment
  6. A certified copy of the recorded marriage license will be mailed to the couple


  1. Appointments will be no more than 45 minutes long
  2. Appointments must start at scheduled time
  3. Appointment must be in the future, NO same day scheduling
  4. To make an appointment, please call 239-533-5007. Please be patient as our call center has limited staff at this time.

 Please note: Couples can invite guests to the Webex Wedding Ceremony by forwarding the Clerk’s Webex invitation to their guest’s email addresses. The invitation will contain the Meeting number and password needed. However, we cannot wait for guests, the wedding ceremony will have to start at the scheduled appointment time.