The Clerk's Offices will be closed Friday, April 10 in observance of Good Friday. 

Traffic Tickets, Ordinance Violations, Misdemeanors

Four convenient payment methods are offered for civil traffic, ordinance violations*, misdemeanors, county probation fees, pretrial supervision fees, civil judgments, existing payment plans, and court fees and fines.  

  1. Online via nCourt (5% service fee)
  2. Phone

    For traffic tickets, call 239-271-3252 (6% service fee)
    For other payment submissions, call 239-533-5000.

  3. Mail to P.O. Box 2507, Fort Myers, FL 33902

  4. In Person (3 locations)

Traffic citations relating to a driver license, vehicle registration/tag, insurance or equipment, must be paid in person or by mail.

Option to pay online may not be available for ordinance violations where a date of birth was not written on the ticket.

Please review the How to Pay your Traffic Citation Pamphlet (English or Spanish) for detailed information and forms.

Payment Extensions and Plans for Tickets and Misdemeanors

A 30-day extension may be requested if unable to pay a county criminal or civil traffic citation in full by the initial deadline. Only one extension can be offered per case.

Payment plans are also available for customers who cannot pay their case in full or within the 30-day extension. Extended payment plans and community service are also offered for customers who are indigent. Fees and minimum payments are required. For details, contact the Clerk’s office.

A non-refundable transaction fee by will be applied. The Clerk’s office does not receive any part of this fee nor is your credit card information stored in our database.