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  • How do I search for an official record?

    Go to our Public Search page, accept the disclaimer and follow the script to search as desired.

    (Note: It is helpful to enter just the last name and first initial and browse through the listing that displays. When you locate the desired name, click on the name which is in blue. Then click on the “view image” button in the middle of the screen and answer yes to install the viewer, you may then be able to see a picture of the recorded document.)

  • How do I search for a case?

    To locate a court (Civil or Criminal) case in Lee County, go to Search Court Cases and accept the disclaimer. Click on Court Records Public Search. Choose either Criminal & Traffic or Civil, Family & Probate. You can search by case number, name or attorney. For traffic tickets, you can also enter the citation number. Next to "search by" click on the drop down button to choose how you want to search. When entering a name, both a first and last name are required however, if you are only putting in partial information, you will need to asterisk after the name.

    Some records go back to 1984 or earlier in some areas. Only cases that are not confidential or purged are available.

    At the end of the information about any given case, there is a link to the particular office which can give further information.