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  • Where would I find information on upcoming foreclosure sales?

    Please refer to the Property Sales webpage for information on foreclosure sales.
  • Where would I file a petition or check on an existing bankruptcy case?

    Petitions for bankruptcy are filed through the U.S. District Court in Tampa. Call 813-301-5165 for more information.
  • How do I file a small claims case?

    Please refer to the Small Claims webpage for information on filing a small claims case.
  • How do I collect on a judgment that was awarded to me?

  • How do I file a restraining order?

    A restraining order may be obtained through the Domestic Violence Unit, located on the third floor of the Justice Center at 2075 Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard. The telephone number is 239-533-2884.
  • How do I file or obtain the forms for a divorce?

    Visit Circuit Civil’s Family Law section for assistance with dissolution of marriage (divorce). Forms approved by the Supreme Court are available online through the Florida State Courts. Family forms are available for a fee by visiting TurboCourt. If the parties do not agree to the divorce or one of the parties cannot be located, please contact an attorney or Family Court Services at 239-533-2747 for assistance.

    Other types of cases that fall under Family Law include domestic and repeat violence, annulment, name change, adoption, support, alimony, custody and paternity.
  • How do I file or obtain the forms for a tenant eviction?

    The forms used for filing a residential tenant eviction may be accessed and completed online for a nominal fee using TurboCourt or by viewing the Residential Tenant Eviction Checklist.

    Before filing the complaint, a notice must be served to the tenant(s) by posting, by hand delivery or by mail.

    When filing a tenant eviction case, you will need the following:

    • Complaint for Tenant Eviction
    • Copy of Notice
    • Two copies of each of the above for every defendant/tenant being served
    • A stamped addressed envelope for every defendant/tenant being served
    • If pro se, an Affidavit of Ownership/Lessor
    • County Civil fees

    Florida Statute Chapter 83  Landlord and Tenant

  • I am an out-of-state attorney and would like to appear pro hac vice in a civil matter. How do I do this and is there a fee?

    A motion must be filed to obtain an order in the proceeding in which you would like to appear. A $100 service charge payable to the  Lee County Clerk of Court must accompany the motion.