Lee County Clerk of Court offers property owners a free service to alert themselves of potential property fraud.  

According to the FBI, property and mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes. Scammers file fraudulent deeds, making it appear as if they own the property. This type of fraud can go undetected if the property owner does not periodically check the Official Records. Although checking does not prevent the actual fraudulent activity from occurring, it does provide an early warning of what may have otherwise gone undetected.

Property Fraud Alert emails notifications to subscribers when a deed, mortgage or other land record with their registered name on it has been recorded into the Clerk’s Official Records.

Property Fraud Alert is a free service that alerts subscribers when a mortgage, deed or other land document is recorded in their name in Lee County’s official records. Notifications are emailed within 24 hours of the document being recorded. Sign up and start protecting your most valuable investments. 

Sign Up

  • Visit the Property Fraud Alert Registration page.
  • Enter your personal or business name and email address.
  • Select the Send Confirmation Email button.
  • Click the link in the confirmation email to complete the verification process.

You may repeat the registration process as many times as you want for personal or business names or variations of names per email address. You may unregister at any time by following the same registration process, and you will receive an email to complete the alert removal.

If You Receive an Alert:

  • That means a document has been recorded that matches a name you registered. Your emailed alert will come from “Lee Clerk Fraud Alert.”
  • The alert will provide you with a document number which is the Clerk's File Number or CFN.
  • Search the online Official Records at https://or.leeclerk.org/LandMarkWeb/

If you suspect you are a victim of fraud, contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 239-477-1000.

If you dispute a lien that has been recorded against your property, contact the lien filer.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for details. 

Lee County and the Lee County Clerk of Court assume no liability for the provision of this free service.  Property Fraud Alert notifications are not sent for court-related documents.