Applicants Ages 18 and Older

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You must apply and complete the Passport Application Form DS-11 12-2010 in person if:

  • You are applying for your first U.S. passport; or

  • Your previous U.S. passport was issued when you were under age 16; or

  • Your previous U.S. passport was lost, stolen, or damaged; or

  • Your previous U.S. passport was issued more than 15 years ago; or

  • Your name has changed since your U.S. passport was issued and you are unable to legally document your name change.

You must bring the following when applying:

  1. Evidence of U.S. Citizenship - Certified U.S. birth certificate or previously issued passport (passport may be expired, but cannot be damaged)

  2. Photo Identification- Valid Driver’s License or current undamaged passport (if issued less than 15 years ago) copies of both the front and back of the parents ID must be submitted with the application. (copy fees apply)

  3. Passport Photo – Color 2-inch x 2-inch passport photo

  4. Application Form - DS-11 application form must be completed

  5. Passport FeesSeparate checks or money orders are required for each applicant. See Fees Schedule for current fees and accepted payments. There is a .15-cent photocopy fee per sheet for driver license and evidence of citizenship. 

Forms and additional information on can be found on the Department of State's website: