Requirements for Recording Documents

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To ensure your documents are recording timely without extra costs, it’s important you prepare them properly before submitting them to the Clerk’s office.

  • Every document must have a 3-inch by 3-inch blank square at the top right corner, for use by our office. If not enough space is available, you will be charged an additional fee for another page.
  • Use legible writing, black print or typing for best microfilm or photograph reproductions. Also, date the body of the instrument
  • All instruments, except mortgages, that transfer any interest in real property, must contain the correct mailing address of the grantee, the person who is buying the property.
  • The name and address of the person who prepares a document that pertains to the transfer of real property must be shown on that document.
  • All items to be recorded must come with a self-addressed stamped envelope. The name, full address and zip code of the person to whom the recorded instrument will be returned must be written on the back of the document. The information on the back of the document and on the envelope must agree. Include the firm name, if applicable.
  • Legal description of any real or personal property must be accurate.
  • The spelling of names should be carefully verified. The form and spelling of any names in the instrument should be identical with the names and signatures in the document. The name must be typed or printed below every signature.
  • Any document transferring any property requires two witnesses for each signature. However, the signature of a corporation uses a corporate seal instead of witnesses.
  • A person signing a document to be recorded must sign before the proper authority, such as a notary public. Notaries must state what form of identification was used, affix their seal, print their name and state the date that their appointment expires.
  • Unless a court or the Attorney General deems otherwise, an uncertified copy of a death certificate cannot be recorded, regardless if it is presented by itself or attached to another document. 
  • The Clerk's office is not allowed to accept any certified copies of Florida death certificates for recording into Official Records. We can only record original death certificates issued by the Florida Department of Health. 
PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive your recorded documents back without a self-addressed-stamped-envelope. Instead, we will hold your documents until a self-addressed-stamped-envelope is provided. Any recorded documents still being held in our office after 90-days will be destroyed.