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  The Clerk's office seeks to attract, retain, and motivate high-quality employees who will contribute to achieving organizational goals and objectives.

We have more than 300 professionals handling a wide range of responsibilities every day.  Our caring and knowledgeable employees know how to provide unforgettable customer experiences that not only enhance our office but makes their jobs rewarding.

Meet our Employees

Why do our employees enjoy working at Lee County Clerk of Court?  We asked, and this is what they had to say:

  •  “I appreciate being provided a tailored ‘Employee Development Plan’ that identifies training to secure success in my current position, and help prepare me for promotion to the next level.  Not many organizations offer employees this type of valuable guidance for professional growth.”
- Laurie, Manager in Innovation and Technology
  •  “I have been employed here since 1981, and it’s the best place to work! I enjoy customer service, and being involved with the Historical Document Library.”
-Joanne, Historical Records Specialist 2 
  • “Working for the Lee County Clerk of Court is an amazing opportunity. It is a work environment where YOU can choose to learn and grow with endless opportunities.”
- Nichole, Court Clerk