The Minutes Office records and prepares the minutes of the Board of County Commissioners, Port Authority Commissioners, Lee County Leasing Corporation and the Airports Special Management Committee meetings (available through May 2007) as a permanent record. The Clerk, through this office, is the custodian of all original contracts, agreements, resolutions and ordinances approved and adopted by the County/Port Authority Commissioners and the Leasing Corporation. Click on the Minutes Search link below to look up these documents.

Other documents that are filed with this office, pursuant to Ordinances, Administrative Code Policy or Florida Statutes are:

  • Lobbyist Information
    • Lobbyist Registrations and Annual Reports
    • County/Port Authority Commissioner's and Staff's Lobbyist Logs
  • Independent District's scheduled meetings and financial reports
  • Executed documents such as contracts, ordinances and resolutions are linked to the minutes.  More supporting documentation may be included with the agenda which can be found on the County Website.