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Within 30 calendar days from the date you received your citation, you must comply by selecting one of the following options:
General Information

Failure to satisfy your citation(s) within 30 days of issue date will result in the suspension of your Driver License and subject you to additional fees.

Mandatory Court Appearance Required: If your citation indicates a court appearance is required, you can complete and mail the REQUEST FOR HEARING FORM to obtain a court date. If you fail to obtain a court date within 30 days from the issuance date of the citation, additional fees will be assessed to obtain a court date. An Affidavit of Defense will not be accepted for mandatory appearances.

Speeding violations 30 mph and over requires a mandatory court appearance.

Driver License, vehicle registration/tag/insurance: These violations will be DISMISSED if you provide proof that you had valid documentation before the citation was issued. A $10.00 dismissal fee is required. If document was not valid before the citation was issued but is valid now, you may provide proof of valid document and pay a $96.25++ fine for license, tag and registration violations. For insurance citation violations, the fine is $75.90++. (N/A for CDL Licenses)

++Add $2.00 if jurisdiction is City of Fort Myers or City of Cape Coral

Unknowingly Driving on a Suspended License citation: Pursuant to F.S. 322.34(1), a voluntary payment will count as an Adjudication which could result in the loss of your driving privilege. A five year suspension of your driving privileges is the result of being adjudicated to three citations in a five year period or having a combination of (three) citations for DWLS/R and DUI. If eligible, an election to attend a 4-hr traffic school, or proof of a reinstated license, will dispose the case as a Withhold of Adjudication thereby causing no future impact to your license for the citation.

Improper/Unsafe Equipment Violations: Pursuant to F.S. 316.610 & 316.2935, you may receive a reduced civil penalty on these violations if you follow the directions on your citation and have law enforcement sign off that the defect has been corrected. The signed citation must accompany payment of the reduced civil penalty of $91.00.

Traffic Control Device/Red Light: Pursuant to F.S.316.074(1), a citation issued for violation of this statute containing "Red Light" in the description is processed as Traffic Control Device/Red Light carrying the higher fine amount and four (4) points

If "Red Light" is not contained in the citation description, the violation is processed as Traffic Control Device/File to Obey.

Unpaid fines and fees unpaid within 90 days: Pursuant to F.S. 28.246(6), any fine and cost that remain unpaid in excess of 90 days may be referred to a collection agency, and an additional charge up to 40% of the outstanding balance will be added to the amount owed.

Payment Options

Four convenient payment methods are offered for civil traffic, ordinance violations*, misdemeanors, county probation fees, pretrial supervision fees, civil judgments, existing payment plans, and court fees and fines.

  • Online via nCourt (5% service fee)
  • Phone - Call 239-271-3252 (6% service fee)
  • Mail to P.O. Box 2507, Fort Myers, FL 33902
  • In Person (2 locations)
  • Traffic citations relating to a driver license, vehicle registration/tag, insurance or equipment, can be paid in person or by mail. You must provide proof of driver license or registration/tax or insurance. Submit proof of compliance in person or via email at prior to making your payment.

    Please review the How to Pay your Traffic Citation Pamphlet (English or Spanish) for detailed information and forms.

    These infractions must be paid within 30 days unless the infraction requires a court appearance. Some infractions require mandatory court hearing, which may be due to speeding in excess of 30 mph or causing an accident involving bodily injury to another person or property. To set up a court hearing, contact the Clerk’s office via phone at 239-533-5000 or visit one our offices. Visit our Contact Us page for location information.

    All other traffic infractions can be paid by credit card over the phone or online. An additional convenience fee will be applied when using these services. Payments through these services must be paid by midnight on the 29th day of the issuance of your citation in order to avoid a delinquent fee and suspension of your license. Weekends are counted in the 29 days. Our automated system will assess late fees on the 30th day. A driver's license suspension will be issued on the 31st day. Your citation will be available again for payment on the 31st day. All traffic infractions past due 90 days will be sent to a collection agency and an additional fee of up to 25% of the balance will be assessed.

    Option to pay online may not be available for ordinance violations where a date of birth was not written on the ticket.

    Payment Extensions and Plans for Tickets and Misdemeanors

    A 30-day extension may be requested if unable to pay a county criminal or civil traffic citation in full by the initial deadline. Only one extension can be offered per case.

    Payment plans are also available for customers who cannot pay their case in full or within the 30-day extension. Extended payment plans and community service are also offered for customers who are indigent. Fees and minimum payments are required. For details, contact the Clerk’s office.

    A non-refundable transaction fee by will be applied. The Clerk’s office does not receive any part of this fee nor is your credit card information stored in our database.

    Payments for Felony Case Types

    Felony payments cannot currently be completed online but may be paid to the Clerk in any of the following methods.

    • Phone – Call 239-533-5000*
    • Mail to: P.O. Box 2507, Fort Myers, FL 33902 (Certified Funds only)
    • In Person (Fort Myers & Cape Coral locations)

    *Paying Felony cases telephonically requires navigating to the Felony selection of the call center recording, not make a payment.

    State Probation (DOC) pled on or after April 5, 2021 can be paid to the Clerk. All cases pled prior will still need to be paid through JPay. Any state probation payments collected by the Clerk must be paid by cash, money order, cashier’s check or credit card.

    Request a Court Hearing

    If you have received a traffic citation in Lee County that does not involve a traffic crash or a mandatory court appearance, you are eligible to submit a Conditional Plea of No Contest to the Court. Please email the completed form to

    If the Court accepts your Conditional Plea, the Court will withhold adjudication and impose any required resolution, but without any points on your record. You will then be given 90 days to comply with any resolution the Court imposes, including paying any amount due and/or attending driving school.

    If for any reason the Court declines to accept your Conditional Plea, your case will be handled through the normal traffic ticket process -- that means it will be set on the Court's regular traffic pretrial docket, and you or your attorney will be required to appear to contest the citation. At that time, the Conditional Plea that you earlier submitted cannot be used as evidence against you. However, if you are found guilty of the violation, you may face points on your record.

    Driver Improvement School Option

    Check Eligibility for Driver Improvement School Option

    Check Status of Submitted Completion Certificate

    Driver Improvement School Option and Pay by Mail

    If you elect traffic school and pay by mail, you must send the signed, affidavit with your payment. If you pay in person, the affidavit must be signed in the presence of a Deputy Clerk. No affidavit is required to be submitted if paying on the internet.

    School Completion Certificates are due in 60 days

    The 60-day completion time begins when the payment transaction is completed. Certificates submitted after 5 p.m. will be processed the following business day. If the completion due date falls on a holiday or weekend, the certificate must be received prior to that date. Late certificates may be assessed additional fees and result in your driver license suspension.

    You are eligible for Traffic School if:

    • You have not elected traffic school in the last 12 months
    • You have not elected traffic school 5 times in your lifetime
    • You were not driving a commercial vehicle at the time the citation was issued
    • You do not carry a CDL license

    Once you receive your certificate of completion, you are responsible for reporting it to the Lee County Clerk's Office.

    There may be a delay from the time you receive the citation and the ability to pay the fine through these services.

    Fail to Appear or Pay

    If you fail to appear or fail to pay the fine within 30 days of the issuance date of the citation, your driver license will be suspended and additional fees will be assessed. After 90 days, your citation will also be turned over to a collection agency and an additional 25 percent fee will be assessed against the balance owed.

    Please review and print the How to Pay Your Traffic Citation Pamphlet for detailed information and forms.

    To request additional information or copies of records, please use our online Records Request System.

    Texting While Driving Courses Providers

  • National Highway Safety Administration - $39.95
  •        800-829-3727

  • Safe2Drive - $44.95
  •        800-763-1297

  • Online Traffic Education - $34.95
  •        888-308-9005

  • - $34.50
  •        888-497-5669

  • Florida Educational Driving School - $39.95
  •        888-497-1755