Reporting Instructions

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, as well as the Parking & Directions links, located on the left side of the Jury Duty page for more reporting information.


Report Date:         FRIDAY,  MARCH 1, 2024

Report Numbers that MUST Report at 8:00 AM:  NONE 

Report Numbers that have been CANCELLED:   1  THROUGH  300


If your report number was canceled, you do not need to report. However this does not constitute service, and you could be summoned again.

The above information is updated daily at 5 p.m. If your summons date information is not given, please check back or call 239-533-2929 after 5p.m. the day before your service.

More Information

Text or Email Reminders

Jurors may receive a courtesy reminder the day before their scheduled jury service by adding an e-mail and/or cell phone number to their profile. Please visit  to add this information and opt-in to receive a reminder message.

Why your Participation Matters

Whether or not you are selected to serve on a jury, your participation is critical to one of the most fundamental principles of our free society - the right to a jury trial.

Your participation as a juror is essential to our common law system of justice. Our system affords all persons going to trial the opportunity to have the facts of their case determined by a jury of their peers.

Request for Postponement/Excusal/Deferral

If you have a scheduling conflict, you may request a postponement from your assigned service date. Your first postponement request will be granted. However, additional requests will be granted only if you can provide proof of undue hardship.

For expedited processing, requests may be submitted online through our Juror Website or via e-mail at   Requests submitted online for postponement may be viewed immediately after submission. A new summons with a new report number will be mailed to your address five weeks prior to your new service date.

Requests submitted online for excusal will display after two business days. Florida Statute 40.013 lists the valid reasons for juror excusal. If approved your status will display as "Ended". If your status displays as "Summoned," your request for excusal was denied and you must report on the date indicated. If you do not qualify for one of the statutory reasons, you must get approval from the judge by submitting your request to our Jury Office.

If you submitted your request via e-mail or US Mail, you will receive a postcard.

Jury Scams

Past or prospective jurors are never contacted by the Clerk regarding failure to serve jury duty. No court staff or Lee County Sheriff’s staff ask past or prospective jurors to pay a fine or provide financial details including, credit card numbers, bank account, social security numbers or other personal information. If contacted about your jury service, please do not provide this type of information to anyone and report the activity to law enforcement. Learn more about common scams by visiting our Scam Alert page.

Work Certificate

Employers may require proof of your participation of jury service. The Court provides you, upon request, a Certificate of Jury Service that identifies the date(s) you served anytime after you have completed your service. You may also use our on-line Juror Website to download your Certificate of Jury Service. To receive your work certificate, you will need your Juror ID number located below the barcode on your summons, and your date of birth to access the system. Select the option titled 'Service Certificate'.

Jury Duty Payments

Pursuant to Florida Statue 40.24 , ”Jurors who are regularly employed and who continue to receive regular wages while serving as a juror are not entitled to receive compensation from the clerk of the circuit court for the first 3 days of juror service. Jurors who are not regularly employed or who do not continue to receive regular wages while serving as a juror are entitled to receive $15 per day for the first 3 days of juror service.” If you need to request payment please email your name and Juror ID Number (from your summons) to the Jury Coordinators at or call 239.533.2929.


To make your service with the Lee County Clerk of Courts as comfortable as possible, the Jury Assembly Room includes the following features (no cost to the jurors):

  • Wi-Fi
  • Telephone Service
  • Magazines
  • Private room for nursing mothers
  • Refrigerators in most deliberation rooms
  • Vending Machines (items available for purchase)
  • Courteous and helpful staff