Pursuant to Supreme Court order, all civil traffic hearings are required to be held remotely.  The Clerk is working with Court Administration to provide notice to all parties of the new court date and zoom meeting information.

The Courts Department processes and maintains all civil traffic cases, which do not result in an arrest. These infractions must have been issued in Lee County and can be issued for a variety of infractions which include, speeding, not wearing a seat belt, or not having a valid license or vehicle registration.

These infractions must be paid within 30 days unless the infraction requires a court appearance. Some infractions require mandatory court hearing, which may be due to speeding in excess of 30 mph or causing an accident involving bodily injury to another person or property.

Driver Improvement School Option

Drivers who receive traffic tickets may be eligible to attend Driver Improvement School in lieu of receiving points on their license.

Conditional Plea of No Contest 

If you have received a traffic citation in Lee County that does not involve a traffic crash or a mandatory court appearance, you are eligible to submit a "Conditional Plea of No Contest" to the Court.  Please email the completed form to courts@leeclerk.org  

If the Court accepts your Conditional Plea, the Court will withhold adjudication and impose any required resolution, but without any points on your record.  You will then be given 90 days to comply with any resolution the Court imposes, including paying any amount due and/or attending driving school. 

If for any reason the Court declines to accept your Conditional Plea, your case will be handled through the normal traffic ticket process -- that means it will be set on the Court's regular traffic pretrial docket, and you or your attorney will be required to appear to contest the citation.  At that time, the Conditional Plea that you earlier submitted cannot be used as evidence against you.  However, if you are found guilty of the violation, you may face points on your record.

Traffic School Certificates

School Completion Certificates submitted after 5 pm will be processed the following business day; late certificates may be assessed a late fee.

Fail to Appear or Pay

If you fail to appear or fail to pay the fine within 30 days of the issuance date of the citation, your driver license will be suspended and additional fees will be assessed. After 90 days, your citation will also be turned over to a collection agency and an additional 25 percent fee will be assessed against the balance owed. 

Please review and print the How to Pay Your Traffic Citation Pamphlet for detailed information and forms.

To request additional information or copies of records, please use our online Records Request System.

Texting While Driving Courses Providers

  • National Highway Safety Administration - $39.95
  • Safe2Drive - $44.95
  • Online Traffic Education - $34.95
  • DriverEducators.com - $34.50
  • Florida Educational Driving School - $39.95