Your Clerk's office is committed to providing convenient services for a variety of court related payment needs. 

Below are your options to submit payment to the Clerk by case type.

Traffic Tickets, Ordinance Violations, Misdemeanors

Payments for civil traffic, ordinance violations*, misdemeanors, county probation fees, pretrial supervision fees, civil judgments, existing payment plans, court fees and fines can be submitted to the Clerk in 4 ways.

  1. Pay Online via nCourt (5% service fee)
  2. Pay by Phone
    • For traffic tickets call 239-271-3252 (6% service fee)
    • For other payment submissions call 239-533-5000.
  3. Pay in Person (2 locations)
  4. Pay by Mail

Customers will have the ability to make a payment on any amount currently reduced to a civil judgement. This does not include interest or the satisfaction of judgment recording fee, customers will need to call or come in to the Clerk's Office.

Please review and print the How to Pay your Traffic Citation Pamphlet or How to Pay your Traffic Citation Spanish Version for detailed information and forms.

If the traffic citation relates to a driver license, vehicle registration/tag, insurance or equipment, you must pay these fines in person or by mail.

Civil, Family, Probate, Felony & Juvenile

Online payments for these case types aren't yet available. Payment options include:

  1. Pay by Phone - 239-533-5000
  2. Pay in Person
  3. Pay by Mail  

Child & Alimony Support

The local Department of Revenue office does not accept payments. Payments  for child and alimony support can be submitted to the Clerk in 3 ways.

  1. Pay Online
  2. Pay by Mail
  3. Pay in Person

A non-refundable transaction fee by will be applied. The Clerk’s office does not receive any part of this fee nor is your credit card information stored in our database. 

*Option to pay online may not be available for Ordinance violations where a date of birth was not written on the ticket.