Reporting to Jury Duty

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The following jurors have been summoned to report for jury duty. Please refer to the report number and report date and time on your summons for the following information:

8:00 AM Session

Report Date:  MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2019

Report Numbers that MUST report at 8:00 AM: 1 THROUGH 210

Report Numbers that have been CANCELLED:  NONE



If your report number was cancelled, you do not need to report. However, this does not constitute service and you could be summoned again.

The above information is updated daily at 5 p.m. If your summons date information is not given, please check back or call 239-533-2929 after 5 p.m. the day before your service 

Prohibited Items

Jurors must be screened at the security checks at the entrance of the Justice Center.

Prohibited items include: outside beverages, tape recorders, pocket knives, scissors and mace as well as any other type of dangerous or hazardous materials or property.

Court security will NOT hold or return items to you. For complete information, please refer to the Courthouse Security section of the Court Administration website.

**Please note that jurors are ONLY authorized to park in Jury Parking Lot. Directions to this lot are on the back of the summons. You may also go to Parking & Directions. Lee County is not responsible if jurors park anywhere other than the designated Jury Parking Lot.